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#626 Oil filter relocation end plate AMC V8

#626 Oil filter relocation end plate AMC V8
#626 replaces the oil filter adaptor and does away with the oil filter bypass while retianing the pressure bypass spring and plunger. This plate has generous .704" through holes for maximum oil flow to and from remote oil filter adaptors, oil coolers...ect. Tapped to a 1/2-14 NPT on the "in" and "out" of the plate these ports are capable of out flowing a -12 AN line. Fits all AMC 67-91 and we also offer this in kit form with hose, fittings and remote oil filter adaptor (we also offer dual filter adaptors and oil coolers, see store for details). For more tech on this part # please visit http://www.bulltear.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=74
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