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Nickel plated (HD) Timing cover AM V8

Nickel plated (HD) Timing cover AM V8
Nickel plated for extreme duty and for abrasion resistance results in a long term oiling solution on stock motors and racing engines. Cover comes with "HRC" gears and a new front main seal.

AMC oil pump gears outfitted with hydro relief grooves increase you distributor/camshaft gear life as well as the life of your oil pump cavity. We start with a set of standard AMC oil pump gears, correct any surface irregularities and CNC mill relief grooves into the idler gear.

All "HRC" gears are machined dry and no foreign solvent used to damage gears or cause oil integrity issues.

Ni plating is for armor plating in the pump cavity. All other areas are plated by accidental only. (Although there are some places masked prior to plating the rest of the cover gets Ni plated)

Ni-plated Timing covers like all custom AMC parts may require a long lead time...maybe even weeks if not in stock. If your in a hurry please call in 1-651-433-3689

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