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AMC V8 serpentine system (with or without AC support (ATI Option

AMC V8 serpentine system (with or without AC support (ATI Option
Our AC serpentine system now supports all AMCs with no AC to the Sanden and York compressors that came from 1967-1991. Kit includes, clutch (When purchased with AC support ), water pump pulley, crankshaft pulley, alternator pulley, power steering pulley, idler bracket with HD double bearing wheel, alternator bracket with 2 HD double bearing wheels (when ordered with AC KIT otherwise comes with our upper mount alternator bracket (DOES NOT INCLUDE AC MOUNT OR COMPRESSOR, USE FACTORY)) and mounting hardware. ATI is an actual racing balancer with a big block chevy bolt pattern. When ordering your sepentine for use with an ATI balancer use the ATI option.

ATI Balancer systems available please choose below

System does not support smog pump at this time

Std Kit belt (Gates brand for ref only) K060775

AC belt "York" or "Sanden" (Gates brand for ref only) K061031 or on the outer alternator slot K061065

All clutches come black painted


Available Options:

Power steering pulley options:

Pulley options:

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