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Supercharger Kit for AMC V8

Supercharger Kit for AMC V8
This supercharger kit is designed to work with our 6 rib serpentine conversion pulley system for the AMC V8. This kit is also designed to use Vortech V1 through V4 Superchargers. This add on kit requires a Chevy style Saginaw power steering pump (due to the low pressure return line location). This add on is currently for AC and NON AC serpentine kits. You may purchase the Serpentine Kit seperately or add to one you already have installed from Bulltear. 6 rib serpentine belt lengths to the closest length of 83.7" long belt for the STD kit no AC, 107.7" long belt for the Sanden AC Supercharger kit. Belt lengths are approximations based on +/- 5/16".
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