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  1. Why a BT plasma?
  2. 4x4 Gantry kit - cable carrier install
  3. Thermal Dynamics and Hypertherm torch settings
  4. BT plasma supports Xbox 360 controller
  5. Hypertherm 1250 not firing from Mach
  6. 2' x 3' CNC plasma system <------- Brand NEW for 2010!!!!
  7. Wiring DTHC on Powermax30
  8. **NEW BTA BULLET 2x2 and 2x3 modular plasma systems**
  9. wiring a TD101 automated
  10. New Water trays for BTA 4x4 4x8 and 5x10 tables!
  11. BTA customer table builds
  12. Torch Height Control Tips
  13. BT 5x10 Table
  14. No serial port???
  15. extending stepper motor cables?
  16. Production HVAC on a BTA PLASMA table
  17. Cant get it to cut
  18. Hypotherm 45 Machine torch vs hand torch
  19. Plate Marker
  20. any one else have a bulltear cnc plasma cutter in oz?
  21. problems with gantry stepper motors
  22. anything new
  23. Can't get it to cut
  24. milling aluminum
  25. DTHC online?
  26. cut profile - avg. count
  27. 2x3 build and questions
  28. Rippled cut edge???
  29. Torch Height Control Problems
  30. Powermax 45 Plug? and Air Dryer Filter
  31. oxy acetylene torch?
  32. One week update with new BullTear table
  33. Wiring a Everlast plasma to a Bulltear table (DHTC)
  34. Need pics for installing DTHC in Hypertherm 1250
  35. XBOX controller instructions?
  36. A nice Gantry Kit build
  37. Water Table ?'s
  38. Motor Problems, help!
  39. Password help for the setup forum
  40. set up password
  41. BobCAD CAM
  42. Dryers
  43. Getting Ready to purchase in the near future.
  44. newer z axiz
  45. Gettin started
  46. slats
  47. Who is setup without / CPC Port and Machine torch.
  48. Mavs Build
  49. mouse wont work when firing
  50. Sheetcam question
  51. My Breakaway Torch Build
  52. Piercing for drilling
  53. Table is down.
  54. New 2012 Models *info
  55. Table is down
  56. Attn BTA CNC Plasma user
  57. dthc not functioning and torch intermittent cuts
  58. New PC, now fault on Gecko G540
  59. Torch not firing with software HELP
  60. Power box wont power up
  61. ATTN: 2012 and newer plasma gantry customers
  62. Our build
  63. Jeep CJ dashboard .dxf for your cutting pleasure
  64. Wicked's 5x10 build.
  65. tip volts
  66. Everyone's sheetcam working well? Any questions?
  67. CJHeap are you rolling?
  68. UPS My Choice?
  69. 5x10 Gantry Build
  70. TABLE EXPLODED!!!!!!
  71. Bulltear won me a rifle.
  72. Gantry Kit users check in here (Table users without PC or PC issues)
  73. Competitors have been checking gantry kit build threads
  74. If you are caught looking at the plasma instructional and arent a customer you are instantly banned
  75. Just wanted to Pop In
  76. Hey gantry folks
  77. Z Zeroing Question.
  78. Mag-Lok auxillary tool pocket drawing is up
  79. Missing cuts
  80. Thc delay?
  81. Mag-Lok weight support screw upgrade for BTA CNC Plasma customers (Free)
  82. Anyone running a router on their new 2012 table yet?
  83. My new 5x10 turnkey table from Bulltear
  84. Show the world some routing projects
  85. Pics and videos of your table in action
  86. X axis quit working
  87. Hello everyone!
  88. Sheetcam question?
  89. Rotary chuck questions?
  90. Instructional...what would YOU like to see?
  91. Serrated Edge?
  92. Rejoice Hypertherm 65,85 and 105 owners (Mega update)
  93. dthc finally found time to try and diagnose
  94. rotary chuck
  95. Save thy consumable kind Sir! (Wiggle piercing)
  96. Rotary axis from Bulltear the " ROTACUT"
  97. Finally got the height control working.
  98. Software Licences Location
  99. 4x8 Gantry Build...
  100. Lost Power to Stepper Motors
  101. MAch 3 THC question
  102. Lets Add another THC Thread!
  103. Pierce Delay- What is your setting?
  104. Initial machine torch questions.
  105. jamscal's 5x10 Gantry Build
  106. Motor Tuning Issues.
  107. Losing Home (0,0) after cutting
  108. Additional Questions about our 4x4
  109. Continued Questions
  110. convert 4x4 to 4x10
  111. Cutting circles
  112. CNC Plasma Setup Instructions???
  113. Machine not cutting to correct scale? What am I doing wrong?
  114. 6x12 gantry kit
  115. x-axis binding after start-up
  116. What speeds do you run your tables at?
  117. More issues, now with the new PM45!
  118. Huge CNC Plasma sale (Free CAD, nesting, upgrades) Through december 31, 2013
  120. tube coping dxf
  121. plasma table setup
  122. Ogre 4x8 turn key plasma table
  123. Starting my 4x8 frame build, couple questions
  124. Ethercut upgrades? + updated gantry
  125. Fire Arts Center CAFAC.org new 4x8 (powdercoated jet black)
  126. Torch trying to fire on startup
  127. Gantry upgrades for customers that bought from 9-01-2011 to 9-01-2013 (one month left)
  128. The support network
  129. www.Plasmaland.com CNC Plasma Tables and Gantry kit
  130. Water pans for Gantry kit customers, Unpainted frames (NOW AVAILABLE)
  131. 8 foot to 12 foot wide up to 40' long gantry kits becoming available shortly
  132. Air scribe?
  133. Scananything "Scanning software"
  134. Helpful Bobcad Videos
  135. i need some help
  136. Star Lab docking procedure...Star-Lab CNC 4x8 in a 10 foot Uhaul truck
  137. Computer Failure
  138. Assembly area pics inside Plasmaland (starting 10/28/2014 and ending........
  139. CNC Routing metal on your BullTear/Star Labs Table
  140. ATTN Star-Lab owners and Folks with HD units from 11-1-2011 to 2014 (auto-square function)
  141. Independent home/gantry squaring switch kit now available
  142. New videos (Training, features)
  143. *NEW PROTON Z axis on Star-Labs and avaialble for retrofit on older Star-Labs (teaser)
  144. First time cutting problems
  145. Proton Z Axis retrofit for Star-Lab machines
  146. We are direct with Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics
  147. sheetcam offset problem
  148. gantry travel and limit switches
  149. INSANE CNC Plasma promotion now until December 31st 'Powermax 45s $430.00!!'
  151. Cutting hight problem
  152. Promotion for Star-Lab and older customers NEW PLASMA MACHINES
  153. Router post processor
  154. Cut quality suggestions?
  155. Waterbed compositions (What to fill with and what is compatible)
  156. Sheetcam: Not displaying tool types
  157. Y axis dragging or binding
  158. Mach 3: adjust xy direction controls to match keyboard
  159. Star-Lab CNC Maintenance
  160. Torch cutting too high
  161. My 5x10 complete table with Powermax 85 combo
  162. Am i missing something
  164. Help
  165. cutting a bevel
  166. bring in .jpg files in to bobcad
  167. loading heavy sheets of steel
  168. ? on bobcad
  169. how to back up in the g code
  170. missing text
  171. wakeup client board no reply
  172. Can we post our table for sale on the forum??
  173. wakeup client board no reply
  174. Cut ready fonts for free (Tons of them)
  175. Are any Bulltear tables being used with High definition plasma systems?
  176. Developed by a CNC plasma customer, massed out and now on sale on Amazon.
  177. Wireless x-box controller crashes Mach3
  178. Unknown symbol on Hypertherm PowerMax 65 LCD display
  179. Mach 3 Problems
  180. bobcad v27/autocad 07 lt issues
  181. cutting 3/8" 6061 aluminum plate
  182. *Sale on 2 demo units
  183. Bumping up the table accel settings
  184. Lead-in problems
  185. torch z travel doesnt stop
  186. no table movement x,y, or z
  187. torch fires as soon as i press run
  188. torch crashing now not cutting through
  189. Quick walkthrough Bulltear with Matt
  190. Z home not working
  191. 5x10 w/ Servo - Won't Ref
  192. Setup question - Not sure what this adapter is for and can't find any documentation about it.
  193. www.STARLABCNC.com
  194. Cut files from cncdxffiles.com
  195. Windows 8.1 Works!
  196. The Jeweler Air Scribe attachment fits 2012 and newer CNC plasmas
  197. 1-1/4" plate need to cut in half Powermax 85
  198. cutting diamond plate
  199. sheetcam plate marker
  200. Mach 3 problem
  201. Acme Rod for Leveling Feet?
  202. sheetcam license move to new computer
  203. ? about linux candcnc skip touch offs and disable hold
  204. angular cut attachment
  205. Noise from the x axis drive
  206. First gen System and need help
  207. Metric cutting data for TD users
  208. Star-Lab Projects for High School students
  209. Upgrading to command cnc?
  210. DTHCIV ethercut motor/tuning settings with proton z?
  211. Ohmic sense no longer works??
  212. Any thoughts on adding a laser module for engraving and wood cutting?
  213. All support, updates, ect moved to our email and Facebook page
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