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413 Wrangler
08-08-2005, 07:29 PM
413 (401 + 0.060") has been running good but I started noticing a "delay" in developing oil pressure upon first starting it up sometimes. Most notably when hot and upon a restart after 20 minutes or so. But it also started to happen in the morning (cold) the last few days. This started about 2 weeks ago and got progressiely worse until today. Got home changed the oil filter (to AC PF-2), thinking the filter may have been an issue. Upon restart, nothing (clacking like crazy) and this time will not start pumping.

Will drop the pan tommorow, thinking the P/U may be comprmised somehow??

Matt, I have been running the relo kit for 4 weeks now. Hot oil pressure is/was 20-24 PSI at idle, running @ 50 - 60 PSI (hot @ 1500 - 2000 rpm). Once it starts pumping oil, all seems well. No bouncy guage, good pressure....nothing abnormal compared to the last 12,000 miles.

Any other suggestions guys?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

413 Wrangler
08-08-2005, 08:29 PM
Answering my own question maybe?? Brain is working hard on this. It has bothered me a little. Here are some ideas.

1. Could the spring loaded plunger be sticking in the billet relo block....and would it cause this? I.E. no oil pressure.

2. Collapsed hose? They are SS braided rubber but who knows. They look fine and are hard. The braid seems to be still attached to the inner rubber.

3. Last resort, drop the oil pan and check for blocked P/U or P/U tube broken or ??

Oh well, I will figure it out tomorrow. Unless I get a B.U.M.A. and get out there tonight.

Thanks for listening.

08-09-2005, 08:30 AM
For the plunger to stick it would have to be very very cold as only thermal contraction would cause this. I would take the plunger and and take a look see. Another consideration would be the filter or lines. If your pump isnt pumping enough then it has bad clearances.....hard to say witout having it here :idea:

413 Wrangler
08-18-2005, 06:47 PM
Wanted to update everyone and not leave this hanging.

I found nothing really wrong/broken/etc.... P/U tube, P/U distance to pan, no debris around P/U or in pan, etc... Upon putting everything back together, all is working fine again (10 days now). The only "thing" I may have dealt with was the plunger had a 1/4" x 1/4" shiny spot of it midway down its length, only in one spot (not around the circumference). It was rubbing on something I think? Saying that, there was no dimensional change in the diameter. The AL billet relo block is softer than the steel plunger, so I would not expect a change. I actually polished the plunger (looks chrome now!).

Could simply polishing it have helped? Maybe a piece of cr@9 was in (still is?) the system?

Anyway, all is well.

PS: I actually picked up approx. 5 psi oil pressure at the 850 rpm idle after this; 35 psi @ 180 F and 25 psi at 200 F. MC, you do wonders on these covers / pump assemblies (even after many miles still awesome pressure). I am running the steel midplate also.

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