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07-16-2008, 04:12 AM
Gday guys

Looking at the factory oil filter setup on the 360, the filter is located on the timing cover. all the factory oil filter setups I have seen on the internet are like that.

The setup on the old 360 I have is totally different but looks to be original factory, it is totally different to the all the factory setups I have seen on the net
Here is a pic of the setup on my 360.


Got a few question for you guy's please, It got me thinking why my setup is different and I have no idea why, the only thing I could think of is it a Australian thing

the motor I believe came out of a J20 ,not 100% sure.

Could my setup be only for the Australian jeeps or ?

Is it a good setup or bad and why please?

Won't the oil pump have to work harder having the filter up on the intake manifold?

I would think it would be hard to keep the prime on it?

Cheers Wraith

07-16-2008, 06:46 AM
They did this for all foreign AMC V8s due to the steering collumn being on the right hand side. The steering shaft would have hi the oem filter mount. You could definately benefit from a better flowing remote adaptor and putting that remote mount somewhere else.

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