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Thread: J 10 Pulling truck

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    J 10 Pulling truck

    A am building a 401 AMC that will be putting out around 500hp. I'll be using it to hit the fairs at the truck pulls.

    The truck is a 78 J 10 any ideas on beefing up the drivetrain? Without crawing under it yet anybody know what axles came under this truck? I looked but no tag on the dif.

    If I ever figure out how to post a pic I'll put some up. It's very ugly...but that's the fun in it.
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    Dana 44's should be the norm in that jeep....look to a dana 70 read and a HD 60 front if your pulling.

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    Have you gotten anywhere on this project ? My dad is a promotor with the NTPA so I go to some of the shows with him. Would like to check out your truck if you are pulling now. Good luck.

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