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Thread: cj5 t18 swap

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    cj5 t18 swap

    hi i have a 78 cj5 360 t150 dana 20 combo.i want to put in a t18.i have read and searched all over and i still have lots of ?.being in a cj5 drive shaft length is important(i have a 4 "suspension and a 2" body lift).can anybody tell me what year and what vehicle to use as a doner.i cant find a cj version.i need to know pretty much everything there is to know about this swap to save myself some time when the swap happens i just got it running after a motor rebuild that took alot longer than i would have liked.i appreciate any and all info on this thanx.

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    The only direct donor is a 76-79 CJ. You can use a Ford 2WD truck T-18, but you have to swap the output shaft and use the t-case adapter plate from Advance or Novak. You can use a 76-79 Wagoneer or Jeep truck T-18, but you need to swap to the shorter CJ input shaft. Either trans will bolt to your existing bellhousing. You have to move the tranny skid pan back, but the holes are already in the frame on a 76-79 CJ. Used with the Model 20 t-case, it's about 3 3/4" longer than the T-150. You have to shorten the rear shaft and lengthen the front. You also have to lengthen the t-case shift linkage so the shifter goes thru the floor in the right place. A CV rear shaft isn't a bad idea.

    I've done several on the Wagoneer conversions, it's probably the easiest. I can pick up Wagoneer T-18s at a local boneyard for $75 (still kind of rare). The CJ input shaft and retainer cost about $250. Bearings, gaskets and small parts kit about another $125. For under $500 and a days work, I have a "like new" T-18.

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    the other t-18 option is out of a 6 cyl full size jeep. It is only 1" longer than the CJ one and you dont need to worry about swaping any parts. THis is the current set up I have in my Cj-7
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