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.I wouldn't spin a 290 or 360 past about 6500 without spending some serious money on forged pistons and rods, and some crank work. Over 7000, I'd suggest 4 bolt main caps, but you'd need an early 360 block with the thicker webbing to install them.
What about oiling mods??? I fried a "Decently Built" 304 due to the oiling... By the time I noticed the pressure it was too late, chewed the rear bearings... So there's nothing more to do other than run her hard for a couple more trips, mostly over 7000rpms with a peak rpm just over 8200 on the recall.... knock knock knock... and I still did another pass..... hahaha. I tried blowing it up... chewed the lower half "a little" more... =D> (Nothing was re-usable)... Not even the heads... hehehe
When it's time to put it down it's time to put it down... ($3000 and change in the motor went down with a gulp)... But I was already in the mix of building the 360 that I have now... Now if I blow this one up I'll cry... and then go back to CHEVY... and Build SB Monster... I figure I dumped a little over $6K in this motor... and with that money I can build a nice 4 bolt SBC that'll scream without any of the AMC issues...