Hey guys,
Now that we have the J20 up and running, we would like to see if there is interest in selling it outright, before we up and part it out for the Guatemalan Grand Wagoneer build-up at http://www.ifsja.org/forums/vb/showthread.php?t=103008 . We were originally just going to part it out, but enough Jeep guys have commented about it being a decent truck ... so ... it is now up for sale.

The truck was given to my buddy, who is a missionary, and I have been able to get it up and running. The previous owner could not get it running ... turns out that the mech. fuel pump is not working. I have it wired currently with an electric pump, so that it can be driven around.

Here are the details on the truck ...

1986 Jeep J20
360 V8 2-bbl
TF-727 automatic
NP208 t-case (works in all gear ranges)
D44HD front & D60 rear axles (gearing unknown right now ... most likely 3.73:1 or optional 4.10:1)
Manual locking front hubs

Has some Michigan rust, but is in a lot better shape than most MI J-trucks that I have seen for years. The truck bed floor and box inners are not rusted through, due to the aluminum cap and rubber bed mat. The box outer and tailgate have some rust (see pics) but could be repaired to make the box and gate look great. The cab floor pan will need some repair.

Odometer reads 155,xxx miles. Previous owner eluded that the engine had at some point been replaced, by another previous owner. Cold-start oil pressure is around 63 PSI (see pic). Once warmed up, idle oil pressure is about 18-19 PSI (see pic). Cruising oil pressure, once warmed, is in the 40-50 PSI range.

In addition to needing a fuel pump (I'll toss in the newer one from the 360 that was in MY Grand Wagoneer before the 304 stroker build up) it will also need a carburetor (Motorcraft 2-bbl on it) or carb repaired ... the hot-air choke is broken and the choke plate is stuck open.

It has different seats installed, which are comfortable to ride around in ... AND ... they tilt forward to access the areas behind the seats.

Jeep has the stock AMC AM/FM stereo radio, which works. No A/C on this truck.

Smog pump has been removed.

Truck has true dual exhaust (no cat), which looks to be 2.25" diameter and is in great condition (looks new except for the mufflers).

It currently has the rear driveshaft removed, since we towed it down here, from Traverse City, MI, which is about 200 miles. Since I have got it started up, I have driven it around a few times in FWD, using 4WD HI and 4WD LOW and both work. Eventually, I'll get the rear driveshaft back into it, for more test drives.

It has steel 16.5" rims. Tires have a lot of tread and some checking, since it had sat for a few years. They towed home 200 miles fine.

Both the cab and cap have sliding rear windows.

The topper/cap is in great shape, except for the rear sides around the flip-up rear window. They have been pushed in some and need to be pushed back out and MIG welded at the tops to make it function "perfect". It sill closes fine without, but would leak a bit.

We are asking $1000 for the truck, which will help fund the GW build up for my missionary buddy.

Here are some pics, guys. Thanks for checking out this J20.