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Parts cost? and pics wanted
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Thread: Parts cost? and pics wanted

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    Parts cost? and pics wanted

    Getting a good none rusted front panel from the junk yard. Whats a good price to get it for?...taking off myself.

    Anyone want a bumper? it's going also. Alittle donation money toward the J10 and its yours.

    The new parts are coming off a 90 Wag. That's also got A/C...the comperssor and underdash vents. That should fit the 76 J10 right? Another project in itself though.

    Also would like pics of your J10 with 32" tires lifted or not...just looking for ideas on how high I want mine. Right now it sits from the bottom of the fender flare in the front 33" and rear 38" .

    I don't have any tires or rims that size yet. But any bigger and I'll have to change gears again. I'll be running a TH400/NP205 with 14 bolt rear 4:10 gears. Looking for about 27-30mph in low at 6000rpm. I think a 32" tire will do that.
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    Around $20 for the front panel, if that. I personally wouldn't pay more than $15 from the junkyard.

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