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Thread: Removable Front Crossmember for my Javelin

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    Removable Front Crossmember for my Javelin

    After struggling today trying to swap my oil pan. Without completely pulling the engine.

    I realized how much easier things would be if I could unbolt that crossmember. Tommorrow I'm bringing home a cherry picker and I will lift the engine and trans up until the pan clears and finish my swap.

    But if I could cut that section out and fab up some brackets that would bolt thru ?
    I was wondering if anyone has successfully done this and could share some pictures ?


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    It was done on some of the SS/AMXs. The crossmember is the same as the JAV. There may be pics out there if you search.

    How often do you plan on dropping the pan? Personally, I doubt more than once/twice in a lifetime, and it's not that hard to pull the engine.

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