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cam walk plate
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Thread: cam walk plate

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    cam walk plate

    i going to need one for my next motor combo but i can't seem to find one anywere else on the net

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    A little late now, but I believe Nick Alfono (Alfono Performance) makes a pretty slick one for AMC's. I'm thining about it for my 401 project, but haven't gotten that far yet.

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    The only time you need one of these is when your running a roller cam.

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    Use a SB Chevy plate and drill and tap a couple 1/4X 20 holes.
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    Funny. I just took apart a 390 that I built in 1982 that has sat for a long time. Ran it hard in 81 to 85 with a REED roller cam in excess of .600 lift with triple springs. Never had a walk plate or oil line modification. The front cover has ZERO marks on it and the rod and main bearings came out like the day they were put in. This was a SCCA car that saw a lot of time at 6000-6500

    Is the cam walk plate a necessity? From what I see in the motor no, but I;ll put one in to be sure.. OIL LINE MOD NO

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