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Thread: Champion N12Y or ????

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    Champion N12Y or ????

    I'm in a debate over spark plugs... In one motor I have an HEI and the other (spare 360) I have an MSD Ignition system... In the link below there are various plugs, are any of you guys running any of these plugs with either an HEI or MSD Ignition system? If so, what has your experience been like with them...

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    I run the NGK GR4 with Motorcraft dizzy and MSD 6AL box. I can't complain. 5 years and still running these plugs. Off-road only. Maybe 100 hrs a year. Maybe more.

    I tend to stay away from Champions due to problems I've had in ag applications.
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    Msd ignition, mallory unilite dizzy, & moroso ultra40 wires on my 390. I also use ngk gr4 plugs. Mostly hard street use with the occasional trip to the strip. Also no complaints.
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