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Thread: Automatic Transmission Swap Suggestions

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    Automatic Transmission Swap Suggestions

    I've been browsing around on here and will continue but have a question that I'm hoping some of you folks will weigh in on...and I imagine my question isn't original.

    I've getting ready to rebuild my CJ-5 after almost 10 years of owning it. I've been collecting parts for years, including a 401.

    It's an original V8 CJ-5 so the 401 should drop right in.

    For transmissions...has anyone attempted an automatic swap into a CJ-5 and if so, which one? I need to make sure that it will hold up behind the 401. This won't be a rock crawler but more along the lines of highway driving/mud bogging.

    Any ideas? Ever heard of a 460LE being done and combined with an AMC V8? It's short...

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    The reason Jeep made the CJ7 was for the wheelbase to be long enough for an automatic tranny to be used. A CJ7 has 13" more wheelbase than a CJ5, all behind the driver. A CJ5 is too short for an automatic, especially something like a 4L60E (which us just the electronic version of the 700R4). I have seen it done with a TH400/Dana20, but the rear driveshaft was nearly non-existent. Didn't allow for much flex.

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    I have a TF727 in mine, but you'll need a 3-4" lift for front drive shaft to clear. The cross member has to be modified, the rear driveshaft needs to be shortened, line pressure rod or cable needs to be added, you'll need a flexplate to match your engine, tranny cooler lines off the top of my head.

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