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Thread: 258 to AMC 360 swap - cooling requirements

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    258 to AMC 360 swap - cooling requirements

    Hi guys, please help me out here. I'm swapping out my 258 for a AMC 360 in my '82 CJ5. I've read numerous jeep forum topics that say the swap will require a cooling upgrade from 2 to 3 core radiator larger 7 blade fan and shroud. I was all set to order a new 3 core online, but as I was removing my cooling system I took a glance inside the cap and it appears to be a 3 core. The fan was also a 7 blade clutch fan with the original shroud. So now I'm thinking I could just keep the original set-up and have the radiator flushed and pressure tested...? Anyone have experience with running a 360 with what appears to be a 258 heavy duty 3 core cooling package? The 360 has been built stock with the only upgrade of an RV cam, so it's not a HP monster. Thanks!
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    You will definitely need to have that radiator professionally cleaned, but it is a 3 core, so try it. It's cheaper than replacing it. The fan should work too. The 6 cyl shroud won't work. The engine/water pump position off sets it differently than the V-8. The 6 and 8 shrouds are different.

    What are you doing for motor mounts? The V-8 passenger side frame side mount is different than the 6. You'll also need the CJ V-8 specific block side mounts. I like the M.O.R.E. bombproof mounts, ran them for years without problems.

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    Thanks Bob! That's exactly what I needed to know. I'll put a new shroud on my shopping list and I really hope the radiator shop can pull off a miracle cleaning on this thing.

    As for motor mounts, I just recieved the M.O.R.E. Bombproof mounts yesterday from Qaudratec. Those things are really meaty, should easily hold a 360 firmly in place.

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