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Thread: MINIMUM Vacuum Lines Needed...

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    MINIMUM Vacuum Lines Needed...

    I would like to remove all the vaccum lines from a 1980 J-10 AMC 360 for TESTING (air pump etc) and just run the basic setup, Dist/EGR/(and of course power brakes).

    Does anyone have a diagram of their test subject :)

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    No diagram, I do not have an EGR on my setup but I am running the bare minimum, vacuum advance and PCV. I would start with the original diagram and unplug everything you don't want hooked up. I'm assuming you want to keep the vacuum delay valves and all that stuff so you basically working off the stock diagrams, just less of it is hooked up. I chose to keep the PCV as pulling a little vaccum on the crank case seemed to help with ring seal, also cleared up a very minor rear main seal leak and the oil seams to stay cleaner for longer (I know it sounds strange but I tried it both ways and it was consistently better with the PCV hooked up).
    You could pull a diagram for an earlier year truck and work up from that.

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