Hi All,

Here is my story - pulled a CJ5 frame and running gear out of a field 16 years ago for my 16 birthday, started a frame off resto that never got finished . . . . just got it to the point of firing it up a couple weeks ago - noise in the motor, went for the cheap fix and picked up a "GOOD" 304 from Craigslist and found out it is in no better shape :(! So I am looking to get something pretty quickly that is a good motor, new build, etc . . . open to options. Local motor shop is backed up with race motors and cant get the rebuild done in a realistic time frame. I have a bunch of new parts that I will swap over to the new motor(distributor, Edlebrock Intake, 4BBL Carb)

WANTED - 304 or 360 - ready to go! I am located in Northeast Ohio - the closer the better! My email is snowpromod@yahoo.com