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Thread: New rings or no? Only 3k on the existing....

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    New rings or no? Only 3k on the existing....

    Hey all,

    Here is the deal: built my 401 with KB hypereutectics, leaned out the mix too much to pass smog (thanks Oregon, can't wait to get back to Montana), and cracked 3 of 'em with about 3000mi on the motor. Had been running Total Seal gapless second rings. Bores still look great, but would likely need a quick bead honing to break the glaze if I run new rings. I'm going to switch over to Sealed Power forged pistons with the same ring size as my KBs. The rings also all look fine; the piston cracks weren't too severe, thankfully.

    My question to y'all is: is it ok to re-use those rings on the new pistons, or should I cork out for another set of Total Seals. And if I go for new ones, break the glaze (like I have previously), or no?

    Many thanks to one and all in advance!!

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    You'll never get used rings to seat properly once you put them on new pistons. Get new ones, they aren't that expensive compared to another rebuild.

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