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Thread: Polished Power steering pump and bracket

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    Polished Power steering pump and bracket

    Any chance of getting a chrome or aluminum polished power steering pump and bracket designed? I have the serpentine system and can't find a source for either... much like the picture you have on your homepage advertising the serpentine set up. I purchased your HEI with the large plastic cover, and I have also read in a couple of places there are some clearance issues with the PS pump.

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    It's what we'd consider a "gravy" job in the shop. Its right there and all the bolts are accessible. Book time is 1.3 hours, and its pretty easy to beat.

    Just make sure you replace the o-ring seal on the suction hose, if the new one doesn't come with the pipe and flange already in plac

    The pump is also easy to change, but they can be a nightmare to get all the air out. Get yourself a service manual and fire up YouTube and you can do almost anything.
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