Timing covers sold by Jeep/Omix Ada/ebay covers (Under $250 and some over $250/Pro Form or anyone else importing covers

There have been Chinese pop-off timing covers that are a copy of the Taiwanese timing cover which are a copy of the American cast timing cover flooding our landscape. So far our shop has seen 100% failure rate in the camshaft and distributor gear sets. This is the honest truth here.

American made timing covers 1966-1994 (Best)
Taiwanese timing covers 1997-present (Require re-machining...pump cavity machined too deep)
Chinese timing covers 2011-present (Non salvageable units would require welding/re-machining...noted problem is lack of engagement between camshaft and distributor gear)

We currently have to shave .003-.005 off the end of the timing cover to get that factory .003-.006 clearance from the end of the gear to the bottom of the oil pump. Currently we are the only known source of this machining. Sadly right now there it not a good replacement timing cover on the market for AMC besides what Bulltear is offering as of 11/19/2014