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Thread: 304 XJ....

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    304 XJ....

    With very little information on the web, I kinda alone in this deal.
    I got a 304, was going to use the cam and AMC Performer intake on the SJ...
    But since I have a spare XJ sitting here. They old hotrodder in me is taking over.
    Why not a mild 304 in an XJ with a AW4 automatic, they're rated to 450lb torque.
    Add in a NP231.... basically stock XJ drivetrain behind the 304.
    Not planning on keeping A/C just alt and power steering on it.
    I have to source eitehr shorty headers or set of stock exhaust manifolds.
    i know I could build a stroker 4.6L and i have the parts to do it.
    But like I say the HotRodder is taking over. I like to be different.

    So opinions?

    right now the 304 had a rod knocking so the crank needs turned and its got a
    cam of unknown origin, but its in good shape and pistons look good so just going
    to do a simple overhaul and turn the crank and maybe a 3 angle valve job.
    Fueled buy a trusty Holley 4 barrel.

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    Should work. You will need new mounts from the frame to engine. I believe M.O.R.E. sells conversion mounts. I have an AW4 from a 2WD Grand Cherokee that I'm going to put behind a 400HP 390 in my 69 AMX. You will also need to have the AW4 flexplate match balanced to the 304 flexplate/flywheel. AMC V-8s are externally balanced, where the I-6 is internally balanced. If you use the AW4 flex plate without balancing, you will have a vibration problem. You may need the later starter, I'm not sure what the tooth count on the AW4 flexplate is.

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