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Thread: NP435/205 behind 401?

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    Arrow NP435/205 behind 401?

    This sounds like a killer combo, and with the right tires, perhaps 35s, could suffice for a combination that results in overdrive gearing in 4th gear at cruising speed.

    My 401 is coming along, and I was literally given a NP435 and NP205. Both are mated and just need the correct bellhousing to adapt to the 401. The 435 has a damaged input shaft retainer on the front, but aside from that it's ok.

    After that, it's just a matter of ensuring that my existing clutch linkage works.

    But then there's the gear shifter, and the issue of clearance under the air conditioning vent of the 82 Cherokee.....

    That will require a modification, and I am thinking it's the red wrench... as in flame, and lots of it to bend the stick....

    Anyone done this?

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    Since it's in a Cherokee, length isn't an issue. I think the input length is very similar to a CJ, so it might work with a CJ bellhousing. That will move the shifters probably 6-7" forward.
    What gears are you running? With 35" tires, my CJ needed 4.27 gears to rock climb well (mine was a T-18/Dana 300, about 70:1 in low/low), when I went to 37" tires, I also had to go to 4.88 gears (now 80:1) to keep the performance the same. No amount of gearing in the trans is going to overcome a lack of gearing in the diffs, especially with tall heavy tires.

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