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Thread: 65 American V8 Project

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    65 American V8 Project

    Was going to buy the Bulltear V8 Swap Motor Mounts for 6 cyl cross member in my 65 American. What years engine should I look for in the wrecking yards, and what would they be in. 401 in a Jeep? 343? 390? 360? I don't necessarily care what v8 it is, but not sure what AMC vehicles to expect to possibly find in a wrecking yard, and what engines would work good. Would i also use the transmission that comes with most of these V8's for a swap? I keep hearing the 8.8 explorer rear ends work good in these cars. Any ideas what year rear end I want to be looking for, if this is the case? Just trying to come up with a package V8 for my lil American that won't bust me. Would prefer to find a running car that I could pull it out of. Thanks, Guys!

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    The AMC block is basically the same 290-401, so any V-8 will work. 290-343-390 were only available from 66 until 69 or 70, after that, they made the block about .033" taller and increased the stroke. 290 became a 304, 343 became 360, 390 became 401. 304-401 were available until 1978, the 360 continued thru 1992, with the end of the Wagoneer. I'd look at any AMC vehicle from 1973-1992 (car, CJ, Wagoneer, Pickup). I think Bulltear discontinued the 6 cyl mounts. You'll need a crossmember from a small body V-8 car (Hornet, Gremlin, Spirit, Concord, American). Jeep vehicles used an AMC cased GM TH400 until 1979, then a AMC cased Mopar TF727, 4x4 transmissions would need to be changed to a 2WD tail housing. AMC cars from 1973 up used a TF727, 998 or 908.

    I used a Ford 8.8 in my American, but I had it narrowed 3", it came from a 2000 Explorer and had disc brakes. I've heard the rear from an early v-6 Ranger pickup is the right width. Be careful though, a lot more have the 8" than 8.8".

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