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Thread: Z home not working

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    I installed the new I/O card and turned on the control box and then mach3 and I get (wakeup client board does not respond) So I don't have any lights on the green cat5 that plugs into the PC Ethernet and no lights where it plugs into the control box either. I pinged and it failed. What I found was on the ESS card what I think is the power supplied to the card -5 volts and +5 volts a red and black wire in a green connector. Both screws on the connector were tight. The black wire was in the jaw of the connector. The red wire was not in the jaw and was laying in the bottom of the green plastic connector. I was always having momentary connection problems (wakeup client board does not respond). I would then wiggly the cat5 cables and some times that seemed to work, other times not. I think it was just through pure luck that maybe vibration from my compressor or the table cutting that the red wire would make contact or not. So all is good for now and thanks for all your help. Maybe this could help some one else that is having momentary connection problems (wakeup client board does not respond). Just one more non related question. I was wondering what the advantage of the ohmic sensor is on the torch. I have the float switch on my torch now. What could I do having the ohmic sensor that I cannot do now?

    Thanks again for all your help, Gary

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    Not sure what would cause that other than assembly Gary. Ohmic does not put ANY pressure down on the material you are cutting when the speed of the ohmic touch off is correct. It is an awesome feature for thinner materials but it doesn't like rusty or painted material.

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