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Thread: 360 engine adaptor kit from american performance

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    360 engine adaptor kit from american performance

    Need some help. Has anyone out there used the adaptor kit from american performance on the early AMC 360's with the flat crankshaft flange 70,71,72 years to use a tf904 or tf727 trans? If so what flexplate and balancer did you use and was the swap seccessfull?

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    I have one of their adapters sitting on the shelf. I decided to attempt to put an AW4 (overdrive automatic) in my AMX instead of the 727. Came from a 2WD grand Cherokee w/4.0L, so the bolt pattern is right.
    You'll want to use a 360 flexplate made for a TF trans (73-up). The starter bolts to the trans, so the spacing will still be right. Be sure to retain the block plate. You will need a 360 harmonic balancer (http://theamcforum.com/forum/amc-har...c38898.htmlnic balancer). Harmonic year won't matter as long as you use the matching pulleys and water pump. Since yours is early, the 3 bolt balancer will be fine. 4 bolt will work, as long as you have the matching pulleys and water pump. Mis-matched parts will cause the pulleys not to align. As long as the internals of your engine are factory, the balance will be close. If it's got aftermarket pistons, all bets are off.

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