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Thread: 360 help

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    I'm not really building a "trail Jeep" I've already owned a few, if I was I would just keep the 258. This one is my 9th CJ over the past 35+ years and I'm looking for dependable power to hit mild trails, sand drags (about 3 miles from my house) Glamis sand dunes a few times a year and maybe 1/8 or 1/4 once in a while. The 343 build I've been reading on IFSJA put the compression with 343 pistons just under 10 to 1. So, I'm confused and asking questions. For some reason I can't post on IFSJA or I could ask Rick directly

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    Can't help you much. I've kept the 360s I've built relatively stock, and most have been used in rock crawlers where torque is important, but HP isn't. The 390 in my AMX is at 10.1:1 compression. I have to be careful where I buy my premium gas, and back timing down sometimes, as it will ping under load, even with some premium gasses. If you're trying to run on pump gas, I'd suggest no more than 9.5:1. There is no "does everything" motor or cam. You have to figure out what you will do most, and build the engine for the maximum there. There will be compromises in performance in the other areas.

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    Look at the Wiseco pistons: Wiseco PTS538a3 - forged piston

    You'll have to do your own calculations to figure out exactly where your static compression will end up, but my calculations (w/ .030 over cylinders and decking only to make sure things are flat) put me at 9.3:1

    You'll find these through Vigilante Performance (on their website) for under $500. Wiseco only does a run of these every so often, but Mark at Vigilante has been very good to work with and has kept me up to date on my recent order.

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