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Thread: 7th cylinder connecting rod in PIECES....

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    Hey everyone, just following up here with the update! We found a single rod bolt nut at the bottom of the pan along with a twisted rod cap and bearing. We think the nut wasn't torqued correctly and the rod cap twisted and resulted in the rod breakage.

    Took the block out and got it into pieces to examine each. The cylinder walls were not scarred, so were able to be honed again. Turned the rod journals to 30 under for the crank scarring. Got a new piston and rod (Thanks Bob!) for #7. Using all new rings, all new ARP rod bolts, and since the metal got into 1 cylinder, had to get a new camshaft and lifters because one of the lobes started to go.

    Picking up the short block tomorrow, and hope to have time next weekend to get it all back together! Will send pics as it comes along.

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