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Thread: good torque cam idea

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    good torque cam idea

    hello guys first timer here, and im tryin to get some ideas on a cam for my build of my 360. It will be in my yj and i have a 304 in there right now but am not happy with the problems i am having with it so im just gonna build this 360 before the 304 takes a shit lol. Anyway im needin to get some ideas on a good cam choice for torque. I'm going to be using wiseco forged flat tops and reuse the performer intake and holley 600 i have on the 304 for now, and also use the stock manifolds also unless i find a good deal on some shorties. There aren't many ppl around me that know much about amc's most of them just know chebys. so any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    Engle Racing had some cams that were tailored to the AMC engines. Biggest difference between them and a lot of others is a more aggressive ramp profile which takes advantage of the large lifters in these engines and a 112 degree lobe separation angle instead of a typical 110 degree LSA which helps with the low end performance. I noticed a significant performance difference between the engle cam and the rebuild kit "RV" (very similar to the Edelbrock Performer) cam that I had in my motor. Not sure if they're still operational but their cam specs and catalog are still on their website. I used the 5014H part number and I have been very happy with it.

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