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Thread: Trans swap

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    Trans swap

    Replacing the Borg Warner auto trans in my 71 javelin. I am leaning towards a torque flight unless someone has a better alternative. My question is whether any TF will bolt right up to the 360 or does it have to be from an AMC product. Will all Chrysler TF's work? Also I have seen some talk about a turbo 400, will this trans also bolt right up or is there an adapter necessary. Ideally an OD trans would be prefered but not sure if there is one that would work without a lot of cost involved


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    Only the AMC TF has the right bolt pattern for the engine. Chrysler TF has a different bell housing bolt pattern, same with a GM TH400. Since yours is a 71, the crankshaft on the engine won't accept the TF or TH400 converter snout. You'll need to swap to a 72-up crank, have your crank machined, or use a 1/4" thick adapter that's available from American Performance ( Here's a link to the kit Bulltear sells.

    A Jeep TH400 (used from 76-79) will bolt up with the same adapters plus a spacer ring in the crank. The Jeep trans didn't have a speedo connection, so you would need to swap in a GM tail housing and output shaft to get a speedo drive.

    For overdrive, you could find a AW4 from a 4.0 powered 2WD Jeep Grand Cherokee from the late 90s, early 2000s. It would require a TCM (which is a stand alone unit) and a TPS to be installed.

    There are also adapters available from Novak to adapt a GM 700R4 or 200 4R. Both of these would require some mods to the floor pan since they are so wide.

    So, the short answer is there's nothing but a BW trans that will bolt up. Everything else will take some additional work.

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