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Thread: Fuel issues

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    Fuel issues

    I have a CJ7 with a 4.2 i upgraded to the motorcraft 2150 carb. At idel the thing run amazing but then when running about 55mph its starts acting like its starving for fuel. I noticed when this happens the inline fuel filter is almost empty. Is the stock mechanical fuel pump pumping enough fuel and does it have the correct fuel pressure? Can anyone help?

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    Could be 3 things. The fuel pump, the fuel filter or the “sock” in the tank. You could just replace the pump, you’ll need a pressure gauge to test. It should push around 5-7 PSI. Replace the inline fuel filter near the carb if you haven’t. The sock in the tank is a little tougher, but it’s another filter on the beginning of the fuel line. You’d have to drop the tank and remove the sending unit.

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