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Upgrading to command cnc?
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Thread: Upgrading to command cnc?

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    Upgrading to command cnc?

    I have a 2012 era bulltear 4x8 table.
    I have been having trouble with over voltage errors.
    The voltage in mach rises quickly from 45v to 55v when cutting and then kicks off with the error.
    Candcnc says it's possibly the front panel on control box or something else going on.
    So I've been contemplating upgrading to command cnc.
    I haven't talked to candcnc about upgrading yet, but was wondering if I would need to change anything besides the guts of the box?
    I presume they will ask what stepper motors I have, and I don't know.
    Is it worth the upgrade? Or should I just pursue fixing what I have?

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    They do the install and you should buy the Mini PC if you go that route. CommandCNC is very good, works great! Over 99% of folks that are happy with it. But if your voltage drops off did you press the volts test button on the bottom of the PWM? That should read 126v on screen. If it doesn't then you should be looking at a new PWM. Also reseat the jumper on the PWM circuit board to make sure that ahs not fallen off. And did you test DC volts coming from the Hypertherm?

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