Well preparing for the worse...

I picked Jeep up from the detailer today and noticed the motor was running hot.
Make a long story short, I was a gallon low on coolant and after pulling the dipstick Iím detecting a hint of milky haze. I promptly pulled the truck into the loading dock at work and I just had to walk away I was so frustrated.

Motor is a 360 I built and documented on this forum a few years ago.. I prob have 5000 miles on the CJ6 and although I have had my gremlins to chase down the motor has been reliable.
The Jeep was in storage all winter, started it now and then over the winter.. no issue.

The day I pulled it out of storage it was hard to start.. motor acted a bit funny.. unsure if this is a relevant or not.

Plan as of tomorrow AM is get it towed over to a buddyís shop and have the oil changed, coolant flushed and start with a compression test. Iíve never dealt with a head gasket issue so my diagnostic skills arenít refined.. any suggestions