I know all of this info is out there but Iíve read so many different opinions that Iím just going to start fresh with my situation. So I put a rebuilt 360 from S&J engines in my jeep. New timing cover, filter adapter from bulltear, new pump gears and pick up tube. This is my first endeavor into replacing an amc engine and I have no oil pressure. My gauge does jump from no reading up to around the zero mark on my stock gauge. Iíve got the oil pan and cover back off. My next steps are to
1 - Install the button into the pickup tube that I found on the old one to create space from bottom of pan that I was unaware of. (Hopefully my main problem).
2 - I didnít use the mid plate that I bought in favor of hand lapping the adaptor as well as the cover since my clearance was over spec and there were some scratches in the new adapter. I used the water based compound I found at napa, the .007 gasket no sealer and torqued to spec. I ended up with a leak that was more of a stream than a drip. Is this compound to course? Should I follow with something finer? Iím pretty sure I got them flat.
3 - Finally, I used high tack for both sides of the timing cover to engine gasket the first go around. Thought Iíd double check before my second try. Thank you.