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Thread: Any thoughts on adding a laser module for engraving and wood cutting?

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    Any thoughts on adding a laser module for engraving and wood cutting?

    After going through a bit of a funk and letting my CNC machine languish for way too long, I've begun spinning it back up and setting up for some actual paying jobs with it. I eased into this by making some measurement changes to an intake flange I came up with several years ago for one of my custom intakes. These new flanges are thicker and I adjusted some of the cuts to accommodate a few manual adjustments after the fact that I had to make on the previous iteration. Below is the first one after I did a few passes to see where things were at temperature and cutting bit wise:

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    The finished product drops right in place on my jig and I should have it welded up soon.

    Once these were done, I switched bits and tried out a regular wood cutting bit on some scrap 1x6 to get a sense of scale for an image a friend sent me to do on a large piece of wood:

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    Then out of curiosity I decided to see if I could do some actual engraving on some porcelain tile...which I believe I can now that I've adjusted the bed clamp apparatus though in this example I was on my last engraving bit and had smoked my others learning how to hold the the work properly while accommodating an appropriate pressure on the uneven tile via Z value. That's why the last letters up top are wiggly, I had to dial up the pressure considerably as the bit was dull but since I was just playing around to find out it didn't matter all that much:

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    All this is to say that I believe there to be more money in engraving random stuff than in cutting/milling car parts as I originally intended. I'd like to add a laser module to the CNC machine so I can etch away without any real consumables. I see such modules on Amazon for a few hundred dollars and while I'm sure the CNC can scoot such a device around, I'm not sure how to go about controlling it to pulse on and off appropriately. I am still running Mach3 on my machine so it may be that a software update is in order prior to going this route. I'd appreciate any thoughts or direction from people familiar with these tools.

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    I would also like to do this, any info anybody?

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