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The YJ
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Thread: The YJ

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    The YJ

    early on AMC had designed and engineered the next generation Jeep, the Wrangler. In that same year AMC was bought out by Chrysler Corporation. YJ Wrangler was a drastic change from the previous CJ models as Jeep tried to update it's image and attract new buyers. Wrangler used square headlamps, a subtle change, yet controversial with Jeep enthusiasts. The front fenders and hood also had more of a squared off look. The body was essentially the same as the CJ7 body. All Wrangler sheet metal and body parts were galvanized to prevent rust.

    Wrangler could be purchased in base form or as a Laredo package in 1987. Since then the Wrangler has been offered in several different packages such as Sahara, Islander, and Renegade. Some improvements and features found on the Wrangler were improved soft top and hard top designs, lower steel half doors, modernized instrument panel, improved handling and road stability, and fuel injected engines. All totaled over 600,000 YJ Wranglers were produced into early 1996. Base price in 1987 was $9899.

    A fuel injected 150 cubic inch (2.5 liter) 4 cylinder produced 117 hp @ 5000 rpm and 135 ft. lb. torque @ 3500 rpm (these figures were later increased to 123 hp and 139 torque). The 258 6 cylinder engine put-out 112 hp @ 3200 rpm and 210 ft. lb. torque @ 2000 rpm. The venerable 258 was replaced in 1991 by a fuel injected 242 cubic inch (4.0L) in-line 6 cylinder engine. 4.0L was rated at 180 hp @ 4750 rpm and 220 ft. lb. of torque @ 4000 rpm. Transmissions were AX4 4-speed transmission until 1988 and BA/10 Peugeot, AX5, & AX15 5-speed manual transmissions. Automatic transmissions available were Chrysler Torqueflite 999, 30RH, 31RH and 32RH. New Process (NP) 207 transfer case was used in early 1987, all other Wranglers use model 231. Axles were a new vacuum disconnect Dana Model 30 front and Dana Model 35 rear.

    94" wheelbase
    153" overall length (with spare tire) and 69" wide
    81" length from door hinge to rear of vehicle
    103" windshield width

    From 87-95 The wrangler still is surrounded by much controversy, in fact it was the calling from die hard Older jeepfans that halted the production of the YJ and gave the round headlights to the next wrnagler...the TJ.

    Look to 91-95 to have the better options and avoid 1987 as it was one year with specific drivetrain options

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